Become The Next Bestseller™

 Do you and your book or project have what it takes to be a bestseller?

Will you be next?

Are you missing that one piece that could put you over the top with literary agents, publishers or Hollywood/Broadway producers?

  • an idea for a book, tv, film or theater project
  • a concept, screenplay or script
  • a published book or sizzle reel for a project
  • an unfinished manuscript or script
  • a finished manuscript or screenplay that is ready to be published/produced
  • a film, tv or theater project that could be adapted into a book
  • a book that could be adapted into a film, tv or theater project

It is a guarantee that someone is inevitably going to ask you...


The Next Bestseller™ Workshop is a safe space that provides you with the dream team to help you prepare and practice your pitch BEFORE you have to talk about it to the professionals and others.

Don't get caught in another conversation about your book or project that you don't feel ready for.

After you attend The Next Bestseller™ Weekend Workshop, you'll never pitch your book or project the same way again - and you'll have more confidence when you talk about it with others.

You never know when you'll have an opportunity to talk about your book or project. Someone asks you, "What's your book or project about?" ...and you fumble for what to say, start rambling on, or stutter and can't figure out what to say.

It could be at your next writers' conference, book or film/tv industry event, pitchfest or even on an airplane, during a professional networking meeting, or at a charity or social event.

Everyone is interested in a great project or book with a great hook – whether they are an industry professional, an avid reader or film/tv fan.

For you to be successful with your book or project, you'll need to be prepared to talk about it -- and not just pitch but have a real conversation about it.

In The Media

Meet The Trainers

Jennifer S. Wilkov

Book Consultant Journalist & Media Pro

Kelly Thomas

Poet and Junior Agent

Lane Shefter Bishop

Hollywood Producer

Lindsay Roth

Author and Television Producer

Sarah Cogan

Film Designer

Leann Garms

PR & Media Motivator

Melanie Gorman

SEO Specialist & Marketing Manager

Jill Michelle Williams

Television & Streaming Development Consultant


You deserve the success you crave for your project, don't you?
Let me ask you...

  • Have you finished your book, screenplay or script and are not sure what to do next, and do you want to get picked up by an agent, publisher or producer in the shortest amount of time possible?
  • Does your existing pitch need a good polish and would you like to bring it to the next level?
  • Have you ever been rejected for your script or book idea, query letter, proposal, treatment, manuscript or screenplay with very little feedback or understanding of what to do differently?
  • Do you wish to create a career as a published author or screenwriter that others have only dreamed of, and do it from the comfort and privacy of your own home?
  • Do you want to get more high quality access to industry professionals so you can pitch and present your projects properly and build a great professional relationship with an agent, publisher or producer?
  • Or do you want more opportunities to get noticed and be successful at pitch slams, pitching events, festivals and industry conferences/events?

Not only will you get to work with the all-star training team for The Next Bestseller(TM), you'll also get to actually pitch and present your project to a diverse group of industry professionals including Hollywood film and television producers, Broadway theater producers, publicists, agents, editors and others on the last day of the workshop. This exclusive access to these professionals is unlike any other event offered, since these professionals won't just listen to your pitch and presentation about your project, they will tell you what's working -- and what's not!

We only work with 8 writers during The Next Bestseller™ Weekend to ensure each writer receives individual attention for each project.