Why Attend

The Purpose

Practical training for you to learn to properly pitch and present your project to book publishing industry professionals, Hollywood, the media and others.

Who It's For

It's designed for Writers & Authors, Screenwriters & Scriptwriters like you.

What It Provides

A safe space for you to develop the pitch and presentation for your project with the support of industry professionals. You will learn by doing it. You will give the presentations. The professionals will sit in the seats and listen and look. They will then provide guidance, feedback and direction for your pitch.

Why Take It

To accomplish and live your vision, dream and goal of becoming a bestselling published and produced Author, Screenwriter or Playwright.

What's The Result?

As a writer, you will be equipped to pitch your project to get published, turn it into a film or TV series, and be able to talk about it confidently with the media, during a sudden meeting with an agent, publisher or producer or in any conversation with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Who are the professionals you get to work with?

The Next Bestseller™ Workshop provides access to seasoned industry experts who will train you to pitch your project and how to fashion your hooks to engage the attention of the decision makers.

The Next Bestseller™ Workshop was created as a response to something that is missing in the vast publishing and entertainment industry conferences, festivals, seminars, trainings and resources we're all providing. It is something that has been repeated over and over again by agents, producers and publishers and reiterated by professionals across the book and entertainment industries.

The time has come to provide a specific resource that is focused on training writers to present their projects properly and professionally to the decision makers so everyone can succeed.

Agents, publishers and producers are still hungry for good books, scripts and screenplays to publish, sell and produce. Writers want to get published with their carefully crafted books that they've spent quality time writing. Similarly, screen/script writers want to have their works produced.

If the only thing standing between you and the agents, publishers and producers who want your book or project is your pitch and presentation, doesn't it make sense then that we as professionals can help you gain a tremendous advantage by perfecting your pitch and presentation with us during The Next Bestseller™ Workshop?

“I'm excited to invite you to attend The Next Bestseller™ Workshop. It's your unique opportunity to see the power of what this event can really do for your book or project, and in turn, for your life. The professionals I've asked to join me are busy with their businesses of selling and promoting books, films, tv or theater shows. I've asked them to take time out to work directly with you on your pitch and the presentation of your book or project during The Next Bestseller™ weekend. Through the incredible access and powerful teaching it offers, there's no other workshop quite like it!”

~Jennifer S. Wilkov

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to write a pitch and talk about your book or project like a pro
  • 7 ways to look more confident than you feel
  • Find your story by taking a Hollywood producer's point of view
  • The secrets of pitching your way into a literary agent's heart
  • Fool-proof ways to apply concise copy to your book or project marketing platform and promotional efforts
  • How to effectively answer the question, "So, what's your book or project about?"
  • The Next Bestseller™ - Will it be you?

Escape from the solitude of your writing room at home. Enter the Pitching Room to work with our panel of industry professionals and experts, where you will learn to present your project and refine your pitch in a safe, productive environment without the pressure of having to get it right the first time.

Whether you are going to a writers' conference, publishing industry event, film or tv festival event, or have a sudden opportunity to pitch your project to a professional, this is your weekend to prepare, practice and polish up your pitch with the professionals.

Whatever is keeping your book or project from being a bestseller,
we're the right people to solve it.